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I have not retired. Just temporarily.

As you have probably guessed (because Americans can be smart if they want to) Lucky Thirteen has been in hiatus for some time.  Actually, in fact, it is with the utmost regret, I must inform you that graduate school has kidnapped Lucky Thirteen.  And that includes the hard hitting insightful little blogger’s two cents she adds every which way she can.  Until the finals […]

Bill rides into save the day?

If Hillary Clinton’s chances haven’t been shot to hell already, Bill just put the final nail in the coffin.  Not only is his timing incredibly horrible.  He says 60 year olds sometimes forget when they’re tired?  Ouch.   I don’t want an “old and tired” president misspeaking at 3 am.  Again, it seems they’re not on the same […]

Bitch is not the New Black?

Besides the Reverend Wright distractions, the most frustrating experience of late would have to be a conversation about feminism with my younger sister, especially in light of a critical moment where I realized I would probably like Hillary Clinton if I met her personally (I know.  I was having a mini-existential crisis, alright.  I’m recovered, now.  […]

Barack Obama On Race & Politics in America

His speech was daring.  I would dare anyone to say otherwise about someone who has more or less shied away from explicit comments/lecturing about racism in his campaigns.  As for how successful he was about addressing his pastor’s comments – I would say a caller to NPR before the speech put it best.  He said […]

Leave Gore Alone!

It is completely inane to expect Al Gore to endorse either of the presidential candidates.  He is not God.  Hello! Winning a noble peace prize does not make you some sort of all powerful clairvoyant omnipotent untarnished holy person whose word is sancrosanct.  Clearly, Texas and Ohio missed the memo from the media that Obama ought […]

Guess who’s Back . . .

Seems like Obama might be getting whooped tonight.  Figured as much.  Democrats are unruly and ungovernable.  We don’t like people telling us what to do.  The media tried to tell us the nomination was wrapped up.  Well, it’s not now.  We rebelled.  This run is not exciting.  Not anymore.  It’s dividing the party.  Obama tried […]

What’s new Hillary?

Has anyone noticed Hillary Clinton’s website face lift? When did she change this? It looks like she’s lifted Obama’s website template. I guess if you can’t beat ’em join ’em.

Converations over Hookah with the NAACP

Dear NAACP, Why are you requesting that Michigan and Florida have delegates seated at the convention? Now, some media folks are trying to construe that as a de facto endorsement of Hillary Clinton. If I am correct, the NAACP does not traditionally endorse a candidate. Being that I just heard about this I would have […]

Chesapeake/Potomac Primary

So, it seems Obama is sweeping again. Ah, the smell of success. I never knew it was so sweet to win. Now, looking at numbers it seems that Obama’s campaign knows how to learn and learns quickly. He is splitting the white vote, he is winning the >$50,000 income voters, he is winning Blacks overwhelmingly, […]

Politico is Fabo.

First, Ben Smith’s blog on Politico.com is fabulous.  The comments are even more fabulous.  I would like to direct your eyes to an even more interesting place – the posts by Rafael.  I think she has some pretty good empirical evidence for why one ought to not vote for Billary. And, it’s great solidarity in […]