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Movies are Made to

inspire us!  Yes, they are.  This is cliche now, but the first time my sister and I saw The Motorcyle Diaries we were overcome by an immsense feeling of goodwill and ambition to contribute.  It was electric, we were so psyched.  To make the experience better, you could feel the theatre’s vibe bringing us all […]

The Black Notebooks

 I just finished reading Toi Derricote‘s literary memoir, The Black Notebooks.  For some reason, I have always had a huge fascination with notebooks.  I have stacks of notebooks at my parents’ house.  Most are empty with nothing written inside for they are still waiting for the perfect something to fill their glorious pages.  I was […]

Women and The Great American Novel

I like to read.  Okay, that is not especially insightful.  But, I am tired of reading books about men by men.  In fact, I don’t really want to read books about men by women.  I want to read books by women about women.  I think that’s a simple request.  Oh ho, it is not a […]