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Renee Cox

In my past life as an undergraduate at Amherst College, I had an epiphany during my junior year.  I had to move fast, so I dropped my Theatre and Dance major, lined my ducks up in a row, switched to a Fine Arts major, and commenced my thesis research.  These times involved a lot of […]

Lucky Thirteen’s Birthday is Tomorrow.

Lorna Simpson, The Water Bearer, 1986. So, she’s going to keep it real.  It’s time to reset.  Recharge. And even though, I may be all broken up, I always (seriously, since I was 12) thought 24 would be special for some reason.  And it will be if I want it to be.  I think that […]

The Black List in Brooklyn

At The Brooklyn Museum there is an exhibit up called, The Black List.  It  will be shown from November 21, 2009 to March 29, 2009. While it is not the most visually stimulating event, it is informative and educational (those are the same, huh?).  I have no idea why they picked these people and not […]

Why Art Reviews?!

Simply, it is free entertainment.  It is a good learning experience and for those who follow or care about/appreciate art – you are on the cutting edge.  And there’s a good chance you will meet the artist if your timing is right. Last Saturday, my favorite show was Connections which features a number of artists, […]