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Film Festival

As some of you may know, I have abandoned Brooklyn to move back to the Bay Area because the recession is kicking my delicate butt. So, here’s a poster I noticed in Gordo’s this evening. It piqued my interest because I am quite partial to women becoming a significant force in the film world (Go […]

Film for Fashion

Coco Before Chanel starring Audrey Tautou (Amelie) and directed by Anne Fontaine, another lady director (!), is coming out September 25, 2009 in New York and L.A.  This film focuses on the fashion icon before she became the perfume bottle that nearly every grandmother in America has on her dressing table.  Before she made Audrey Hepburn so […]

Whip It Ladies!

There are only 13 (lucky!) days remaining until Whip It! is released to a theatre near you!  And, the best part is – a woman directed the film.  And not just any woman, the great Drew Barrymore.  Here they are, the director and her star, Ellen Page, on the cover of Marie Claire (heck, I […]

Movies are Made to

inspire us!  Yes, they are.  This is cliche now, but the first time my sister and I saw The Motorcyle Diaries we were overcome by an immsense feeling of goodwill and ambition to contribute.  It was electric, we were so psyched.  To make the experience better, you could feel the theatre’s vibe bringing us all […]

Terminator Salvation

I know this movie came out 10,000 years ago but I just saw it this past weekend.  Before going, I prepared myself.  I watched the first three terminator movies again.  And boy, did I enjoy myself.  No sarcasm there.  Really. Now, for those who remember Judgement Day was/is (I am not sure what tense I […]

Henry Fool and Fay Grim

If you’re a film crazy like me, you’re probably subscribed to Netflix(and a Blockbuster Rewards member) and you torture  yourself trying to fit in a full-length  feature film every day (thank you, watch instantly!).  Now, I watched Fay Grim a year ago.  Since then, I have  watched it twice – completely unaware  that it was […]