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Lady Gaga is like . . .

Goldfrapp Peaches Kylie Minogue M.I.A. Gwen Stefani Santigold Pink Grace Jones Christina Aguilera Erykah Badu And, of course, Madonna. She could also be compared to a few male artists, too.  Prince, David Bowie, Michael Jackson (R.I.P.).  For the pop aficionados who enjoy the more esoteric tones of pop: there are the experimental bands: The Flying […]


Brooklyn just continues to surprise me over and over again.  Why would I leave?  From MGMT to TV on the Radio to my new favorite: Ratatat, there is always something new for our listening pleasure in this great borough. Check out the video for Mirando: The first song I heard from them was Black Heroes on KALX […]

Because this was emailed to me . . .

Calabash Music (you may remember them from a past post – first fair trade music site) has a blog where they compiled a bunch of music videos payting tribute to Barack Obama.  And of course, Will.i.am’s video is on there. Check it out here: http://calabash.typepad.com/global_music_news/2008/04/obama-music-is.html