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Janelle Monae

Last July, when I was still subscribed to Vogue I read about the artist, Janelle Monae.  I love her.  I think she’s awesome.  And, now (I don’t know how I missed this!) I ran across her interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air.  Her album Metropolis is fantastic because it’s fun and energetic.  It’s great for dancing.  And, she […]

Inside the Meltdown

I just finished watching Frontline’s Inside the Meltdown on Thirteen (NYC’S PBS station).  A lot of this information was not new to me.  Like most of us during this time we perused the news, very methodically, every day for the slightest change in polls.  But, suddenly, every day seemed to bring earth-shattering, tectonic-shifting gloom and […]