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Film Festival

As some of you may know, I have abandoned Brooklyn to move back to the Bay Area because the recession is kicking my delicate butt. So, here’s a poster I noticed in Gordo’s this evening. It piqued my interest because I am quite partial to women becoming a significant force in the film world (Go […]

Happy Women’s History Month!

I have been reading the book, Cunt.  It’s a fantastic book by Inga Muscio.  The author’s website has womanifestoes that fans and readers have submitted. So, to start off Women’s History Month, I am going to include one. “Irigaray wrote that as women we are always plural: two lips touching each other, secretly, constantly. as […]

Christina Anderson

She is a playwright about to rock out at Yale’s School of Drama (um, Sanaa Lathan and Angela Bassett, anyone?)  until her play was picked up to be peformed Off Broadway.  Go Girl! New York Magazine has more to say here.

The White House Council on Women and Girls

Yay Obama.  Why is it awesome?  Because men like Obama need to stand up and become allies in feminist movement.  However, while running off his list of familial roles, he forgot to cite ‘brother’ but went on to mention his sister.  I guess that slip is okay? Anyways, check this out:   “Opportunities their mothers and […]


I am not sure how I feel about CNN’s program, African American Firsts. Embedded video from CNN Video But, Shirley Franklin seems cool.

Lady Sings the Blues . . .

This biopic of Lady Day was fantastic even though it was not really representative of the lady in question.  One, Billie Holiday was not quite the diva that Diana Ross made it out to her be.  This is acknowledged in the extra footage on the DVD.  Except in the footage, they (the costumer designers) say […]

The Black List Project Continued. . .

For some reason, it always hits a nerve when a female coeval says she is not a feminist. “Why do we need feminism?/Aren’t we all equal now?/I have never experienced sexism, what’s the big deal?/I don’t identify with those bra burning feminists!/It’s for white affluent women, it’s not for me/The girls I know who are […]